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Laminated Curved Glass

Laminated Curved Glass

By applying an interlayer between two matching Annealed bends, Specialist Glass can create a safety glass that gives you the reassurance of having a durable glass structure that’s built to last – and designed to withstand moderate impact.


Our vast expertise and unrivalled craftsmanship means we can offer a range of laminate bends including ‘cast in place’, ‘PVB’ and ‘SGP’ (also known as Sentry Glass) options, as well as coloured curved glass and laminate bends with cut-outs, notches or holes where required.


This versatility across our laminate portfolio makes our glass ideal for a number of applications, such as shop fronts and revolving glass doors. Screens, glass partitions and canopies will benefit from our in-house laminated glass manufacturing.


Specialist Glass can also use laminated curved glass as components in double glazed glass structures.