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Top 10 Glass Buildings Worldwide

Top 10 Glass Buildings Worldwide

1. National Grand Theatre, China

Made completely of glass and titanium and surrounded by an artificial lake to resemble a dome like shape, this truly is an architectural masterpiece!

National Grand Theatre of China


2. Dancing House, Prague

The curved glass building is supposed to represent famous dancers, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, dancing. A stark contrast to the more historical, traditional architecture in Prague.




3. Farnsworth House, Chicago

Known by many as the ‘famous glass house in the woods’, the extensive use of clear glass makes this house appear almost transparent.

Farnsworth House, Chicago


4. Louvre Pyramid, Paris

Probably one of the most famous and well recognised glass buildings worldwide is the Louvre Pyramid that stands in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. The pyramid stands tall at 70 feet and consists of 673 glass sections from tip to base.

Louvre Pyramid


5. Basque Health Department HQ, Bilbao, Spain

Made of glass and steel with a polyhedral glass facade that allows light into the interior to make it a transparent, luminous space that appears almost surreal.

Basque Health HQ



6. La Estancia Glass Chapel, Mexico 

Whilst not the largest or the grandest glass building, this beautiful open glass chapel is set in the peaceful gardens of Cuernavacova and is an extremely popular place for weddings. What makes this chapel clever is that the four facades are wrapped with U-profiled glass, each spaced 10cm apart, to ventilate the small space without a requirement for air conditioning.

La Estancia Chapel


7. The Glass Home by Carlo Santambrogio, Milan, Italy

You definitely wouldn’t want to throw stones near this house as this cubed concept home, designed with a blue hue, features glass walls, ceilings, stairways and doors. The home makes small spaces appear larger because even the furniture is made out of glass.

The Glass Home



8. The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Wrapped in a skin of colourful glass panels, this is one seriously eye-catching building!

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision


9. Selgas Cano Architecture Office, Spain

This glass capsule set in the middle of a quiet Spanish forest is definitely a bit different from the usual office building. A clear curved wall of glass means the walls and ceiling of the office are completely open to the nature that surrounds it.

Selgas Cano Architectural Office


10. The Gherkin, London

And, finally, one that’s a little closer to home is London’s striking skyscraper, The Gherkin. The skin of the building is double glazed and the space between the glazing is ventilated to help control temperature and ventilation. Surprisingly, most of the panes of glass are flat and the only curved glass is the ‘lens’ at the top.

The Gherkin


What’s your favourite glass building in the world?

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