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A Cut Above The Rest…

A Cut Above The Rest…

Here at SGP, we aim to use the highest quality machinery  to ensure the highest quality finish for all our products Рwhich is why we invested in a brand new, bigger & better cutting table.

We bought the Genius 37-61 Cutting Table from one of the world’s leading suppliers of glass processing, Intermac.

So, what’s so ‘genius’ about it?

It’s smart:

The table is equipped with a hi-tech operating head fitted with an automatic cutting pressure control system. This controls the pressure of the cutting wheel from the very beginning to the end of the cut, automatically adjusting the pressure according to the geometry of the cutting path – guaranteeing flexibility and continuity of operation.

It’s precise:

It also provides a high grade of flatness for the working area – this enables us to obtain the best results from the glass cutting. The laser profile reader guarantees maximum precision in sheet positioning.

It’s reliable:

The sliding guides of the cutting bridge are housed directly in the machine base. The grooves are processed by a NC tooling machine which guarantees reliability and precision. The use of guides composed of ground bars in tempered and chromium plated steel on both sides ensure reliability in time.


Did you catch us on the Intermac website? Have a look here:

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