Glass has many uses for both inside and outside the home as it is a strong, incredibly versatile material. It is 100% recyclable and it does not deteriorate over time, making it an ideal, eco-friendly option for your home.

Glass has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, but it’s come a long way since then. Glass is becoming increasingly popular as an interior design feature to homeowners, interior designers and architects thanks to its light, bright and airy aesthetics. Its uses go far beyond that of conventional windows, here, we take a look at the different ways glass can be used to renovate your home.

Glass flooring 

The use of glass for flooring and well covers can create really smart, luxurious focal points for your home. You might choose to have a simple floor panel to jazz up your living room or even opt for an opening glass floor design to renovate the entrance to a basement or other lower space such as a wine cellar.

Stairs treads

Glass stair treads are perhaps one of our favourite ways to modernise homes. They can immediately transform any space thanks to their ability to improve the light flow and spatial feel. Stair trends look extremely sleek and stylish, but they’re also exceptionally strong and durable.

Windows, overhead glazing and extensions

The versatility of glass for renovating your home is by no means limited to its interior uses. Increasing windows and incorporating overhead glazing allows natural light to fill your home. Solid walls darken your home and result in needing to install artificial lighting, which can be costly and is also not conducive to a healthy environment.

Studies show that getting more natural light has significant health benefits such as improving sleep and boosting your vitamin D levels. It also helps to prevent seasonal depression and low mood. Maximising natural light in the home is key to creating a bright, happy living space. Furthermore, having lots of natural light in your home can make it more desirable and saleable when you choose to sell.


When searching for your dream home, balconies are always a major selling point. Who doesn’t enjoy alfresco dinners on a summer’s day with sweeping scenic views? Or if you’re converting an upstairs room into a home office, a Juliet style balcony is the perfect addition to increase natural light and allow fresh air into your room. Glass is perfect for making your balcony safe without sacrificing your view, which many alternative materials can do.

If you don’t have the space for a walk-on balcony, Juliette balconies are ideal. They are modern, minimalistic and they allow a lot of natural light into a room so you can enjoy the sunshine and warm weather from the comfort of your own home.


Balustrades are a convenient safety feature for staircases, balconies, terraces and upper floor landings. They are not only practical, but they also add sophistication to interior or exterior environments. Solid internal balustrades can make areas of your home feel smaller, whereas adding glass balustrades can allowing for a flow of light throughout your home. Have a look at this example of an award-winning zero carbon rated house we supplied glass for in the Cotswolds.

If you’re looking at ways to give your home a makeover, we hope you found this blog useful. SGP offers a wide range of solutions that are tailor-made to you and your home. If you’d like some further inspiration, why not take a look at some of our previous projects?