A staircase not only serves a fundamental functional purpose but can elevate an entire design project, whether it’s a home, restaurant, retail or office space.

When it comes to creating the desired impression, whether you opt for a wooden spiral staircase or one of the latest glass features, your chosen design could make or break the project.

To help you find the right style for you, we have researched the most searched for staircase design trends and put together, in order of popularity, the most prominent trends, styles and structures to inspire you when implementing the perfect staircase into your next project.

1. Glass balustradingglass balustrades

If you’re looking to create an airy open space without installing an all-glass staircase, glass balustrading is the best option for you.

Conventional railings can create a visual barrier that makes rooms seem small and cramped, yet glass balustrades will open up your space, making it more inviting, with its less heavy and intrusive look.

Glass balustrades serve well in the retail and hospitality sectors as well as at home thanks to their durability, providing safety and security.



2. Staircase runnersstair runners staircase design

Stair runners were often underrated but have become extremely popular in recent years, coming in first place with over 22,000 searches a month. This design is used as a way of transforming a simple wooden staircase and adding style to any design. 

Whether you incorporate a strong pattern, like a bold stripe or animal print, or a classic and elegant option such as plain colour or pastel stripes.

As well as looking pretty, a stair runner can help protect the base material and reduce noise.



3. Glass staircaseglass staircase design

Unlike conventional wooden staircases, the sturdy, toughened glass used to create a glass staircase provides long durability and a beautiful contemporary look. 

The popularity of glass staircases has risen immensely, increasing by 49% since this time last year, thanks to its ability to allow natural light to pour through, which creates an open, fresher feel to any project. 

If you want it to last a long time and to retain its good looks, this is the staircase for you.



4. Spiral staircasespiral staircase design

A spiral staircase can take up less room than a traditional staircase and is an excellent alternative to a space-saving staircase (ranked in 7th place) with its characteristic appearance.

Whether you opt for a modern glass, wooden or metal spiral staircase design, they all provide an eye-catching focal point to any project.

Spiral staircases aren’t just confined to use in interiors either – they can be equally good used in outdoor spaces, often added to the exterior of a home or workplace to provide a quick and efficient fire escape route. 



5. Staircase lightinglighting staircase design

The importance of good lighting for stairs must not be underestimated, as the extra lighting can improve safety and prevent potential accidents both at home and in the workplace.

As well as improving safety measures, staircase lighting can help transform any simple staircase. Matched together with glass balustrades, you can create a warm yet modern feel to any environment, whether it’s an office lobby or your home dining room.




6. Floating staircasefloating staircase design

Also known as cantilever or open staircases, a floating staircase makes an instant statement. Often used in self-build projects, a floating staircase can open up even the smallest lobbies, hallways and landings, enhancing a stunning design.

The best looking floating staircase is often made from high-quality oak, toughened glass or metal and paired with glass balustrading to give the appearance of an effortless floating illusion from the wall and floor.




7. Space-saving staircasespace-saving staircase design

After spending much more time at home over the past year or so, many of us have been looking for ways to create more space to chill out, exercise or even work from home.

Space-saving staircases are the perfect alternative to straight stairways, providing the most compact way to get from one floor to another. However, as space-saving staircases increasingly gain popularity as more people convert their lofts into usable space, many regulations limit where and when they can be used.



8. Laminate staircaselaminate staircase design

With cleaning and vacuuming being troublesome on stairs, laminate flooring is the perfect design for staircases in commercial buildings and family homes with pets and children.

The fact that laminate flooring is significantly easier to clean is one of the main reasons the style is most popular, plus it is less noisy than a standard wooden staircase but can still give the appearance of one.




9. Wooden staircaseWooden staircase design

Renowned for its beauty, quality, durability and design adaptability, the wooden staircase just makes it into the top ten with 2,100 monthly searches. 

Curved or multi-level, spiral or straight, a wooden staircase is suited to multiple spaces, especially in home design. Oak or mahogany, walnut or maple: the choices are endless when selecting your perfect wooden staircase; it’s just a matter of taste.




10. Metal Staircasemetal staircase design

A metal staircase is a modern option serving an industrial look to interior design. Whilst a complete metal staircase provides a safe and stylish design, metal staircases are often combined with oak.

This provides a strong yet balanced contrast between two different textures and colours.

Another popular combination is glass balustrading to accompany a metal staircase to provide a less bulky appearance.



Managing director at Specialist Glass Products, Andrew Taylor, commented: “Just missing out on the top ten places were winder, U-shape, straight and curved staircases. These designs can easily be combined with the top trends such as glass balustrading, lighting and laminate flooring to create the perfect staircase for your next project.”

“Interior trends are forever changing, and with us spending a large amount of time inside our homes, we’ve been thrown plenty of challenges to attempt to make rooms spacious, brighter and more relaxing. Staying on top of staircase trends allows you to choose the best look possible and help set the tone of your home.”

At Specialist Glass Products our fantastic range of capabilities means we can provide the highest quality of annealed, toughened, laminated, straight and curved glass for glass staircases and balustrades. Get in touch with our friendly team for your bespoke service.

The complete top 20 staircase designs are as follows:

(As of April 2021)

  • Glass balustrading (22.2K searches) / Glass balustrades
  • Staircase runner (22.2K searches) 
  • Glass staircase (18.1K searches) / Glass stairs
  • Spiral staircase (14.8K searches) / Spiral stairs 
  • Staircase lights (14.8K searches) staircase lighting
  • Open staircase (1.9K searches) / Cantilever stairs (1K searches) / Floating staircase (4.4K) (Total 7.1K)
  • Space-saving staircase (5.4K searches)
  • Laminate staircase (5.4K searches) / Laminate stairs
  • Wooden staircase (3.6K searches) / Wood stairs
  • Metal staircase (2.4K searches) / Metal stairs
  • Winder staircase (1.6K searches) / Winder stairs
  • Curved staircase (1.3K searches) / Curved stairs 
  • Double-winder staircase (720 searches / Double-winder stairs
  • U-shape staircase (590 searches) / U-shape stairs
  • Bifurcated staircase (110 searches) / Split staircase (480 searches) (Total 590)
  • Straight staircase (480 searches) / Straight stairs
  • Half-landing staircase (480 searches) / Half-landing stairs
  • L-shape staircase (390 searches) / L-shape stairs
  • Half turn staircase (210 searches) / Half turn stairs
  • Quarter-landing staircase (140 searches) / Quarter-landing stairs

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