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Toughened Curved Glass

Toughened Curved Glass

Toughened glass, otherwise known as tempered glass, is In turn produced from annealed glass – which is heated and then cooled rapidly.


This introduces stress into the surface of structural glass which strengthens it for enhanced safety. If it is subject to impact or thermal stress, our toughened curved glass will break into small, blunt fragments to reduce the risk of injury – which is particularly reassuring where glass is to be installed in a public place or busy office environment.


Typical applications for toughened curves are balustrade infill panels, shower screens, canopies, reception fronts and curved double glazed units.


All Specialist Glass bends are available in Low E, Low iron, tinted, pre-acid or satin, painted and sandblasted. Heat soak testing and heat strengthened glasses are also available. Toughened curved glass, like annealed bends, can also be made into toughened laminated glass.

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