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Keeping glass clean with ClearShield

Keeping glass clean with ClearShield

What is Clear Shield?

It’s no surprise Clear Shield was voted US Glass Magazines Product of the year in 2013… Clear Shield helps protect glass surfaces with its non stick, anti-microbial technology that resists the adhesion and growth of bacteria – helping to promote a much more hygienic environment.

The addition of Clear Shield is available on all our specialist glass, and is especially beneficial on double glazed glass units thanks to the enhanced visibility, easy maintenance and resistance to staining it offers.

Where else can Clear Shield be used?

Clear Shield can be used on almost any glass but is most popular in areas where hygiene is paramount such as; glass doors and partitions, mirrors, kitchen splashbacks, washrooms, shower screens and work tops. It’s also widely used in hospitals, laboratories, spas and sport centres.

What are the benefits of Clear Shield?

  • Significantly reduces the growth of bacteria
  • Saves cleaning time
  • Stops smear marks that appear after cleaning
  • Keeps glass looking like new

If you’re looking for specialist glass with the addition of Clear Shield, feel free to get in touch today to discuss further!

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